• I need your adivce wolves

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    I may sound crazy by submitting this… but I’m hoping to reach out to an actual group of people that can help me…. I may sound crazy in this note… however I would like to start out by saying I’m Irish through and through and that my roots are very strong in the irish mythology… being my family is … king…mcknight….queen etc… all those names are only of the descendants of those who came before…. anyway… i’m writing anyone on here…irish or not…who may help me explain my wolf traits….. when it gets close to the full moon i exhibit those traits that are “wild” i have always done this… which is why my mother never let me out on a full moon…. my family always….this is probably forbidden to say but has something happen to them on their 21st…. when i’m drunk i tend to run naked… and i need to take cool showers to cool my body down… i know i’m not just crazy because i’m not the only one in my family who does this…. if anyone can help me with this….i need it…

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    1. tricia
      July 26, 2013 at 10:53 am

      Don’t they say ppl tend to act out more when it is a full moon..? I think its safe to say you’re not going to transform into a werewolf. lol

    2. full moon
      July 26, 2013 at 12:27 pm

      team Jacob

    3. @full moon-wrong once again:-D
      July 28, 2013 at 9:07 am

      That made me smile as I don’t come on here anymore you may have noticed. Not a comment or letter so you haven’t been speaking to me stranger who I wished was otherwise yet it is what it is. And the fact i don’t drink anymore. I like you would be a stranger to each other as I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. mentally Im getting better as I allowed you in when I should never have given my love so freely. Do not get me wrong with you that would be impossible not to give my love as it was and always has been yours. As time goes by it gets easier,

      Three words: I Love You

      actions speak louder than words so there is nothing I can say or do to prove otherwise. See you soon I suppose. Please forgive me for treating you as a stranger though when that time comes as it will be too hard otherwise for me. It does not mean I hate you or despise you in any way, in fact the opposite. My heart cannot take anymore so yes I will have to pretend you are a stranger. Sad really considering what I thought we had was more than just love. Another love story gone wrong all because two adults couldn’t communicate properly as they do now. Goodbye my love. Know I never faulted or gave up on you not once since we parted….Not once.

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