• Maybe I get it now..

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    You have allowed your poor money management to put our family in serious danger. What you have done is a federal offense. And you have been creeping up on it for quite some time despite my pleading for you to listen. Finally now, when You were almost incarcerated for your actions …when another illegal breath in the direction of money will land you in the slammer longer than you can imagine. Finally now, you are scared. Finally now you listen to me tell you that rubber checks are a criminal act! To you before this, they were normal for most people. And maybe one or two is. But to play with the system repeatedly like that gets the attention of the authority. It’s not a game. Nobody wins. And now I have to pick up the pieces.

    Part of me is very mad. When you said maybe you should go, I said ..fine! I’m done with foolishness! Part of me sees how scared you are FINALLY. I love you. I enjoy having you around. I like doing things with you. Life without you is a horrifying thought. You are hobbled now. No bank will touch your ass. This is good! You are no longer the money manager in our family. You get to play with only what you have cash to spend. All chance of future mistakes will be carefully removed permanently. Your name is coming off the house deed. I intend to cut up your credit cards. I will pay the bills. (it’s about damn time I stepped up, grew up, and did my share here anyway). I know you got into trouble because you felt responsible for me and didn’t want me to waste my allowance on the bills. Well, get a clue… We have a good life and if it takes a little more money to keep it, so be it. Life does not end if I do not have a pocket full of cash every day.

    I will get my shit together and put this house in good order. While I was out playing, it got really messy. Play is fine but there is time for work as well. I got really selfish and lazy. I forgot how to be strong. I let you take care of me. Well, now I sit learning how to budget, how we can pay off your mess and get back on track. I may be mad at you but I can tell that now you are scared. You sure got a rude awakening when you looked up kiting on the Internet! Surprise! I was right!! All. This. Time! So now you can’t even touch a bank account. Good! To be honest, you may seem scared and sincere but I never intend to allow you near my finances or family finances again! If this is an addiction,

    I’m killing it!

    So welcome to a wonderfully simple world where bills are paid and checks that have money backing them are cashed. It’s not so bad, by disabling your problem behavior, our problems are gone. It’s a good thing!

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    1. Be very careful...
      July 26, 2013 at 11:19 am

      I understand the need for a good vent. More than most. But codependency is a serious problem. No one should ever attempt to rise from the flames of another’s ashes. The effects can be devastating. Rise from your own, but never someone else’s.

      Regardless, I hope everything works to the out for the absolute best for everyone involved.

      Best wishes!

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