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    It took a long time but I found my lifetime partner. Love doesn’t have to be drama filled or painful. The day to day life with your special someone doesn’t have to be boring. After years together I still want to jump on him every chance I get. We make our kids want to barf because we are still in love.

    My point is, for a long time I was stuck on a person who was not good for me. Some people are incompatible and some people are just unhealthy for you. If a relationship is more painful than happy; if a relationship brings your insecurities to the surface, if someone takes you for granted and/or disrespects you – leave them alone. Move on.

    It is better to be alone and work on yourself than to waste time on a relationship that makes you feel bad. Don’t expect a fairytale romance to “save” you from loneliness. Save yourself.

    There ARE good people out there. There IS someone out there who doesn’t care if you put on weight, or get insecure if you lose weight. There IS someone out there who would never hurt you on purpose. There IS someone who will think you look beautiful/handsome even when you roll out of bed with morning breath. They are out there. The secret is to stop settling for people who treat you like shit or people you can’t see yourself with in the day to day routine that is life.

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    1. Laura
      July 23, 2013 at 11:19 am

      So true… I think people need to read letters like this every single day until it really sinks in. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH GARBAGE. Male or female. There are good people out there.

      It’s really nice to hear someone who has a genuinely good relationship, thank you for sharing author.

      Don’t stay in a relationship that makes you feel bad more than good. Relationships take work, but they shouldn’t be ALL work.

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