• Darcie,

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    Do you have any idea how much it hurt to have you flip a switch on me over something I dislike about myself? I hope not and I hope you never do. When I mentioned being banned it was out of curiosity and paranoia. I guess not everybody remembers what other people say to them. You do have 5000 other people you associate with it would probably be difficult. When you said you stood firm on your choose then changed your mind for whatever reason, I assume peer pressure, it was to late because the damage was done. I can’t express my feelings in under two hundred words (you would think I would remember numbers too but I never do – the price paid for remembering every word) and I doubt you even care anyways.

    I came off feeling like a cry baby because it upset me an unbelievable amount. Now i’m upset and don’t want to talk to anyone. It hurt a lot to to read the shit our mutual acquaintances said to eachother about the issue too. And why do I keep it tagged? As a reminder to not give my whole self into an online friendship.

    When I meet people IRL I don’t hold back. I take everyone as innocent until proven guilty. I’ve gotten hurt but i’ve made friendships with people who will forever be my friend. Because once we understood we were the same kind of people, well we stick around for life. There’s fewer good-hearted people than I would have thought in this world. Not that they are evil. Just indifferent.

    Really it would be like me blocking you because I work at a grocery store and they give you social anxiety panic attacks. And doing it in front of everyone to see. With my motive that of wanting to stay in good with my boss.

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