• what have i done??

    by  • June 26, 2013 • Sorry • 0 Comments

    What have I done I feel like u hate me you hardly spoke to me yesterday Nd today you ignored me im sorry if u saw what i put but that is just me venting I was upset I dont even know why…well I do but I was hurt because…well I thought you had been saying them things to me like they were for me but then it dawned on me they must have been for him and the imaginary knife plunged into my heart it was painful like I felt before..I got drunk and before I knew it I was sitting in a pool of my own tears I had cried that much someone came in and said fucking hell whats wrong its like u have had acid chucked in your eyes they were so red and swollen that night I cried my heart out and I said a few truth that was probably already know to someone.. the next day my eyes were still swollen my eyelids were red I had to go out like that I had no choice. I heard a song on the radio infact every song on the fucking radio just made me feel sad I had to turn it off they all reminded me of you I havent listened to any music in two days apart from the song I sent you..and that wasnt a song I mesnt to send you well I did but probably not for the reason u were thinking I just liked the chorus and I thought u mite too what have I done for you to be like this with me this is really hurting me cant you see ?? If you dont want to talk to me again that’s ok it doesn’t mean im giving up on you because you dont give up on the people you love the people you care about and lets face it we both know I care alot more than I should so whatever it is I have done please be honest with me I thought we had that sorted out. Ill be honest it feels like since hes back u have totally shut me out and its really hufting my feelings alot more than u will ever know 🙁 yes i know im just a stupid girl with her heart in her hand hoping that things were different and im probably just a hopeless case but im going to keep trying im sorry if Ive upset you or made u mad it wasnt my intention

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