• It gets better

    by  • June 13, 2013 • To You • 2 Comments

    I have to believe that it gets better because if I don’t my heart will shatter. I need to believe that someday the people that I give my time and love to will love me back. A person can say they love you a million times over but if their actions don’t match their words it’s crushing. I give very friendship all of me, I love hard and I pave deep but if it’s not mutual then all it does is hurt you. I wish you and I could have turned out different but I know I’m not want you want or need. I pray that everything your heart desires you get. I’m hurt that our friendship didn’t work out but I can’t be mad because everyone needs something different in this life. What’s the point if settling or pretending your whole life. I say I’m not made but I’m disappointed because it was wrong for you to you with my emotions. You are an amazing soul but I guess just not when it comes to me. I love you always and will miss you dearly. – M

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    1. Two way street
      June 15, 2013 at 9:29 am

      Your story is sad as you say you feel/love them yet you have decided to protect yourself as it is easier than to walk away for self preservation than take that leap of faith because of the unkown risk of heart ache when love is concerned? We have all been there & from what I read from your writings, there could be something You will never know as you have made your mind up? uTheir heart is most likely just as vulnerable as yours I’d say as it seems they love you?

    2. Teta
      June 16, 2013 at 2:51 am

      I never pretended & the only settling I wanted was a life with you & to make the dreams we has a reality, a family, to be husband & wife, to be all that we desired & more than you ever dreamed of. The words spoken between us was wrong & there is nothing I can say to erase what was said, if only you could see how much this hurts me to knowing I made mistakes. I meant it when I said I’m sorry & to show you how much I am I sort help, am still going to various classes & other activities. I have learnt so much & have become all the wiser for it. You talk about actions are what defines us, then doesn’t everything I’ve done to better myself mean anything? It was never going to happen overnight. And yes you were made/whole…in my eyes you were everything a man loves in a woman. Did you not see that when we last spoke? I’m sure you I’d as I saw it in your body language? Your last sentence said “I love you always? How is this possible M when you push away the one man who loves you with all his heart & soul. Me saying I love you is no small or insignificant feeling. To protect your heart & take flight from something as magnificent as us was no easy thing to do I understand. You are a free spirit & all I ask is remember me my love as I will always treasure you for all that you are. Goodbye love of my life.

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