• Nervy As Fuck

    by  • April 28, 2013 • To You • 2 Comments

    Inspired by another letter on here and its sentiment, I hope they won’t mind if I follow suit with a letter of my own to someone out there.

    Fuck you for all the times you made me cry and thought words would make up for it.

    Fuck you for taking me for granted.

    Fuck you for all the malicious things you did to me over the years yet twisted around as though they were my fault.

    Fuck you for leaving me every time you made me believe the opposite would be true.

    Fuck you for latching onto anything and everything with a pussy yet proclaiming you love me.

    Fuck you for all the times I was there for you but you left me out in the cold.

    Fuck you for being thee most saddistic motherfucker I have ever known.

    Fuck you for everytime you acted annoyed when I talked about my feelings.

    Fuck you for ignoring me all those times as though I wasn’t important.

    Fuck you for the douchy things you do to other people for your best interests.

    Fuck you for being insulting.

    Fuck you for your inconsistencies.

    Fuck you for throwing out all the shit I gave you over the years.

    Fuck you for all the money I ever lent you that was never paid back.

    Fuck you for the money I’m out now.

    Fuck you for your indifference.

    Fuck you for only caring when you think you’ll lose me.

    Fuck you for not taking me seriously when it mattered.

    Fuck you and your chronic issues.

    Fuck you and your love of drama filled relationships.

    Fuck you for playing the victim.

    And double fuck you for only wanting to be my friend when you thought you’d get into my pants.

    And I double fucking dare you to tell me to my face all of the above isn’t true.

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    1. R
      April 28, 2013 at 4:59 pm

      Wow, I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through. One thing I’ve learnt recently is that for what you think, you’re partner will see things differently. Now I try to think of the situation from their side, I think it’ll make me a better person/partner if she will take me back. It seems that you’ve had an extremely tough time and have been made very upset. There might be a reason for what you’re partners done or perhaps he’s not a great person.
      I wish you all the best

    2. SomeBunny
      April 28, 2013 at 10:14 pm

      You must know L.O.
      Sounds like him to a tee.

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