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    You’re dead wrong!!!

    Pretty sure I’ve been living long enough to know the difference between what we have when it’s just you and me & what we have when we’re at work.

    I draw a pretty fucking bold ass line between the two.

    At home: you would be everything to me. You would be the fourth thing that keeps me happy….located right after ice-cream.

    It goes: MY DAUGHTER, MYSELF, ICE-CREAM…and then you. Right where you need to be…At the bottom of my list because there are thing’s way more important in this world than if YOU and I are next to each other.

    I like you, but you don’t consume my mind at work. When we work together, I would be all about my image as a supervisor. Never letting that bold line blur in anyway…..So just be honest.

    If it’s because you don’t want to work with me, JUST SAY IT.
    Don’t make up some petty nice way of saying NO to the idea by saying: WE can’t WORK TOGETHER for our SAKE…Fuck OUR SAKE…I understood that to be, for “YOUR SAKE”. You NOT me….There is no “OUR SAKE”…so that angered me. Pretty sure you’re not my favorite thing in the world. You’d still be at the bottom of my list of things to do. I care about you, but I’m pretty sure that if I looked down the line, you’re the kind of guy that wouldn’t fight for US (If there ever is a future us). And that is the one thing I NEED…The one word you never use. I would NEED my man to have my back and know himself and know me. (You are rare to me, because I never let anyone ‘in’ that I like the way I have done with you)

    If you knew yourself, then you would know that you could control your urges. If you knew me well, you would you know that I care about my self image, and the image of other’s. OTHER’S being YOU. Distinguish between the two…Work and personal.

    I’ve never dated anyone I worked with…I see why it can be difficult. Don’t give me reason’s to back away from you. Give things a chance.


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    2 Responses to NAA

    1. anonymous
      April 24, 2013 at 3:58 am

      This is such a mean letter…I’d break up with you if I was a guy..you sound like a self-centered
      rude person who deserves to be alone.


    2. Anon
      April 24, 2013 at 12:09 pm

      Anon that may be the case, but you shouldn’t judge if you don’t know the dynamics of the situation.



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