• B. Kjeldgard

    by  • April 22, 2013 • To You • 1 Comment

    Wow…some friend you are.

    I confide in you.
    I tell you my troubles, and you tell me yours.
    I taught you how to do work.
    I kept you company when you needed someone around.
    I spend six month supervising your ass.
    I covered for you, when you were constantly late,late, late!
    I even went a tried to pick you up once and you weren’t there.
    I woke you up so you could be on time at the beginning.
    I stopped because I realized, I aint your mama and I cant baby you anymore
    I mentored you and counseled you and punished you when you were wrong.
    I gave you ultimatums….and all I ask is to approach me first w problems
    Because I am your supervisor, and I have your back, No matter what….

    And you failed me every single day at work, with your forgetfulness.
    You failed me with your stupidity and over naivety.
    You failed me by stabbing me in the back and going to others instead of me
    You failed me by not using your chain of command. And here I am waiting
    For your dumb blonde ambitions to stop kicking in. I regret taking you under my wing. If I knew that you would throw me under the bus the way you did, I probably would’ve stayed clear of you.

    In the end, I learned to never trust a young subordinate again.
    You became a piece of shit to me, and I hope you never stare in my direction. I hope I never meet you again. And I pray that you never succeed especially now, that I know you. Thanks for showing your BIG FAT ASS BITCH.

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    1. Cat
      April 23, 2013 at 4:51 am

      Nothing this person could possibly have done would be as bad as the revenge of putting this note with their full last name in public!
      This is very very ugly.

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