• I’m done

    by  • April 20, 2013 • To You • 0 Comments

    Fuck you
    I am done.
    I was drunk when I wrote that other crap and woke up with big regret, I don’t care anymore though. We have talked this shit out.
    Enough is enough.
    There has to be boundaries.
    You were bang out of line yesterday. We have said good byes. I’m not saying another, I will no longer reply to you.
    I have had enough of your emotional crap, you may not realise it but you come across as an emotional wreck. You contradict yourself all the time, your stories don’t match up. It’s just whatever makes you look like the good guy.
    Sort your shit out and stop messing with people. You are being a right dick.
    All this heavy emotional stuff, blah blah blah you can just fuck off now. You are just fishing and using me to feel good.
    You were low and you needed to feel like the man again. Well there you go, you won, I fell for you. But I’m done with it. I am walking away again and leaving the two of you together.
    I gave you your life back, well that’s nice. I think you just wanted to hear that you are not a cunt. But you are.
    What you are doing is cunty and soon you will become that.
    I see through you. You think she is seeing someone else and I make you feel better about that. Deal with your shit.
    I don’t need you and I don’t buy your bull anymore.
    No more circle talk.
    Please leave me alone.

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