• who the fuck are you,

    by  • April 12, 2013 • Bitch! • 0 Comments

    who the fuck are you. get out of my business and my life. you aint got shit but you act like like you got everything together, dont come at me like your lifes so together and shit, there’s alot of shit you could still learn yourself so dont come at me like you lost your fucking mind, like you could never understand me, when you get to that point in life when you’v wanted to die multiple time then you can step to me. come at me like i dont do shit, i may not financially support this family but i sure do shoulder this family, whenever anyone ever needs anything i’m there for them, i cant stand being played like i’m nothing and i’m not doing anything, i cant wait till i can get my life together and i wont need anyone. i’ll never come back to these shit heads i call a family, i’m tired of having to rely on you and i’m always sayin i appreciate all of you but i cant get that shit back, since i dont do anything i should stop being there, when Aj wants to talk about the same stupid fuckin shit she says every day ima just be like i dont give a fuck, when my cousin needs something like me taking him everywhere he needs to fuckin go ima just be like hell naw, remember i dont do shit right, when ever any of them need something ima just be like fuck you. do me a favor and leave me the fuck alone please. i just hate anyone in my life and in my business. stay the fuck out my way, its ok though cause my times coming and soon i wont need anyone and i’ll show all of you, i’ll be better then you’v ever been and i’ll never look back.

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