• hiding your heart ??

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    Hello gorgeous…
    Hope life is treating you well.
    I loved talking to you alday today and when u sent me them photos the fact that u trusted me well that just made my day..id neva take the piss I mean how can I take the piss out of photos when u look so sexy in them and I love you your perfect.. I cant wait to see you im just gonna have to try and hide the fact that im crazy for you and fucking love you.. im starting to wonder if you do care and if u are just hiding your heart I mean why would u be here otherwise..I think sometimes ur eyes used to tell me all that your heart couldnt either that or ur just a massive flirt and a nosey fucker either way I love you…you KNOW I love you right..

    I send u little songs with lyrics in that I cant txt u lol u do listen to them don’t you ?? I hope you do lol

    Well tbh im just gonna say it..if yku do love me in your own little way and you are just hiding your heart then pleasedon’t cause its kind of confusin me I dont know wether the lyrics u write on ur status are u just listening to it or whether u try to tell me what u cant actually say..
    The fact that u go to the trouble to even write them makes me think u want me to look them up its sort of turned into alittle game between us…I like it tbh its cute u put lyrics on I listen then I put lyrics on…that is unless u dont listen which I think u honesty do.. lol
    its like alittle game I cant rememver how it started but we seem to keep falling back to it 😉 it cheered md up this morning tk see u had put the pic of me and you on as ur profile pic even tho I dont like my face on it I still loved the fact u put it on…anyways this aint a love confession to you as ive already done that to you im not gonna keep telling you over and over again about how I love you miss you wanna be with you because you have heard all that if you want to be me then u know I would spend my life with you..but its up to you baby ive told you how I feel..
    ive put my heart in your hands and its yours to choose… it will always be yours even if you decide u dont want it..this was just a note well essay to say how I loved talking to you and a few other things aswell lol so ill love ya and leave you now hopefully you wont hide ykur heart from me if you are because id never hurt you Nd if your not then I guess ive got it wrong..but I just got this feeling theres a connection between us and we both know it.
    Love you gorgeous miss you

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