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    if you like, please move back here.
    so we can always watch movies together.

    So i can run into you on the street from time to time.
    so we can stare into each other for hours and the time’s never running out.

    i wish that you can send me flowers or do cliche love talks or worry about useless things or never talk to your cats.
    i wish that we dont talk to each other everyday. we dont appreciate.
    i wish that you dont take care of yourself. i wish that you are afraid to dance in the public. i sometimes even wish that you could breakdown like all the people do, i wish you are not great at all. i wish that you meet up every nice girls. i wish that you are never special. i wish that you dont like my favorite band, i wish that you never have been through this amazing life, i wish you are even young and lost, i wish that you are young and lost and unsteady so i can like you less.
    but you don’t, you just stay as fucking good as you are.

    i wish that we could have a fight or make the situation awful before you leave. but we were peaceful and love and no sad and farewell talks. we parted like you are going on a vacation. but we both know that it might be the last time we ever see each other again.
    we never bond together.
    but you are always there.

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