• where do i go.

    by  • March 22, 2013 • To You • 1 Comment

    where am i going in life. this is never what i saw for my life, i had goals i had plans for myself, i expected to be have so much more going for myself. what have i got, nothing.. everyone says have faith in god, but i’v been here waiting for him to step in but things seem to just keep getting worse, i want my life together, but more then that i just really wanna be happy, i dont think i even know what happiness is.. searching and searching for where i belong and what my purpose is in life.. i’m just tired. tired of being rejected, tired of never ever doing anything right, tired of being on the bottom, i’m just tired of being tired. why cant i have the things other people have. why wasnt i lucky enough to get all the good shit in life, everyone has had everything handed to them and i dont have shit, they have loving family and parents, what do i have nothing,. i just wanna go away where i dont have to worry, where i dont have to struggle, where i can just rest and be happy. somewhere that no one can get to me, somewhere that i dont feel pain constantly.. when am i gonna get mine. when am i gonna have my chance at the top. i’v been fighting for so long, i just wanna get somewhere, i take 5 steps forward only to be knocked back 20 steps.. maybe this life thing just isnt for me. i just might not be up to the challenge. i’m not good enough. maybe i dont belong anywhere, i dont know, i guess i’ll find out, i might have better luck in the next life..

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    1. montana
      March 22, 2013 at 2:16 pm

      You have no clue how many people in the world right this second feel the way you do. I was in my bed thinking this morning & you know what I figured ? We all have been sold a dream that does not exist,when your sold a dream and you hold up your life to it and your life don’t match you will be filled with despair. I often ponder about my purpose in life to, somedays are unbearable. Yet i decided to grab hold to the bursts of sunshine that come may way and reflect; it back whenever an oppurtunity presents itself. May not seem like it now but you are important & needed in this life. If not to be grand in the sight of ppl , the least are just as important as those who appear to be great. 🙂

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