• Disappointment

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    Your little girl, so sweet, so innocent. Or so it seems. Everything you wouldn’t have wanted is how I’ve gotten to be. When it hurts so bad, what would you? I’m just an ordinary teenage girl with no feeling of what to do. It’s all so confusing and life is so hard. When the stress becomes to much I sit and think just a little to hard. I just want it gone, gone with the bad and in with the good. So what do you do you take a seat, and inhale hard and exhale slow. But then what? When it’s not enough? Just one hit leads you to a road no one wants to go down… And when I sit there and think, if you only knew what your little girl does; how disappointed you might be? And there goes those thoughts again, the bad. You become trapped in your own mind. No where to go, but; there is an escape. No, not forever but for a while…

    Curiosity killed my innocence. Over thinking killed my happiness. Insecurities killed my self esteem. Lies killed my trust. Stereotypes killed my individuality. And judgement killed me.

    I’m sorry to discount you mom and dad. Truly I am. I wish I could be the ideal little girl too.

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