• okay Mr. Man ~

    by  • March 10, 2013 • To You • 0 Comments

    Well u wondered when id get drunk and text u -here goes… Wtf? R u trying to drive me crazy? I just now figured out that maybe, just maybe u might have some clue I was alive. Now not only do I feel like I missed the chance of a life time but that I also slighted u in some sort of way. First let me start with – 1. playing and saying my name really makes me look like a basket case to all of my friends (thanks so much – not really) 2. I feel like I missed out on something i can never have again (so not fucking fair) 3. The person u think I am will never b someone I can love up to. It breaks my heart – i keep listening g to video – 4g actually changed my life, and I am in a haze. I have no clue if what to do… know how I’ve felt from the day I met u. I have used every ounce of my self conviction to destroy any such thought of knowing u. Why? Because I didn’t want to bother u or b intrusive. I hold u that dear. I have wanted to wrap u in bubble wrap. But that’s only my imagination šŸ™‚ I have no clue what to say to u when we meet again. If I ask u to armwrestle maybe you’ll take me up on it. Best 2 outta 3? At least I’ll get to hold ur hand!!!

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