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    I look for pieces of you in the things you do. I imagine things about you; things that may or may not be true, things that might not be so easy to see on the surface. I imagine that you love deeply, or not at all. I imagine that your hands are soft, so that


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    I came across old photos of us today. I found myself missing your big dark eyes. Your handsome face. I never really appreciated just how beautiful you were. I was never really too into appearance. I was also more attracted to what was inside someone than what they looked like. I was always so focused


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    I got out of a 1.5 year relationship last year and it wasn’t a terrible breakup but I found messages between him and this other girl, this being the 2nd time & things spiraled from there. I loved this guy, he was the only guy I saw myself settling down with, my father passed away

    Never again

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    I never again want to feel such a strong attachment to something where I become dependent on it. I want to be independent and be comfortable with my self and on my own. I don’t need someone else in my life to be happy. I don’t need somebody to complete me. But it is nice

    Clearing My Head

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    Whatever the reason, this is becoming an increasing rumination in my mind. I don’t know how to bring about the cessation of this feeling, nor do I know why it has been so pervasive. I do know, however, I would be an outright fool to bring this into any of our lives. I know the