• Somebody please shake me

    by  • February 11, 2013 • To You • 0 Comments

    I just called you. I said I wanted to. You didn’t answer and so I fucked up my message on your answering service. I got nervous, yes as always. I wanted you to understand me. I never want to be a burden or not fun or too negative for you to handle. I said I wanted to talk and you always said that we were good friends…and you recently said that we could talk about anything! (Of course we were talking about sex though. I know how you like sex…) So why when I ask you to call me, you never do? We’d always have important conversations online or in texts that go on forever and get muddled up and out of order. Sometimes I don’t even receive them on time. It’s been insane and now you’ve told me that you moved on, of course via facebook message and only because I spoke to you first, and you hit me with an “oh by the way…” you weren’t even going to say anything? You say that you’re busy, as if I don’t have a life too. My stomach hurts because i know you wont call me since you’ve “moved on”. Sounds like you are leaving me in a ditch somewhere…I know I’ve got some things to work out, but I would have felt good knowing that you supported me and that I wasn’t crazy or anything. The thing that sucks the most about this is that YOU started it!!! You started this type of relationship and you said you wanted me and to not be so worried and that you wouldn’t lose interest…did you really say those things!? Yes! So why don’t you even care! I was never a needy person. I just wanted to understand you and myself, and I wanted you to understand me as well. I really hope that you will call, but I’m pretty sure that you wont. I hate that this bugs me, but it does!

    -A good friend

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