• Unsure of what to say.

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    I need to lift this thing off my chest..it’s starting to hurt me more than I thought.

    Dear Matthew R,
    We had so many plans for when I graduated high school. You wanted me to attend college there and to move in with your family. You promised we’d never go our separate ways, but we did. You broke up with me because you were afraid about not being accepted into my Asain culture, you assumed things were too hard on you; which they weren’t. My parents hated the fact that you were a white boy dating their daughter. Think about it..they let you into our house. Gave you food, a bed to sleep on..everything, they werent too fond about it all but they did accept you. That monring @ 3:30am you broke it off..we talked and got back together. You didn’t break my heart once but rather 4x. Do you honestly think that I’d want to stay friends with you?! You must be insane thinking that being “just friends” will actually slove the shit hole we’re in. Stupid.

    We haven’t spoken in 5+ months and you blamed me for not replying back to your text/fb messages. Truth be told, you lie. You…you lying sack of cow manure. You said I didn’t give you the RESPECT you gave me, like no. You fu*ken deserve a slap across the face, you ass hole. I haven’t blamed you for squat. Not that you know this..I lost 10 pounds, be thankful that I gained most of it back. And not to mention, I grew out my hair just for you. Hell, I’m doing small things that remind me of what we used to do. I took your words and made the best outta me. Don’t be telling be that I’m a bitch, I just got tired of being someone you wanted me to be.

    I see that you’re with a new girl. She dresses like me. But shiet man, you downgraded.

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