• Our Ending

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    Dear Mathew,

    It’s a new year. It’s the year that I finally put you behind me. I wonder if you’ll notice that you’ll never see me again? Will you be with our friends and wonder why I didn’t come? Will you ever click that I only join them when you are not there?
    There is a song by the Fray that always makes me think of you, or the you that I wish you were, “She begins to leave because of me. Her bag is now much heavier I wish that I could carry her but this is our ungodly hour.
    I don’t think you will ever understand quite why you hurt me so much. Even for a male you are pretty emotionally stunted.
    Yes I’m hurt because you treated me like a play thing, and I’m hurt that just like that you killed all my romantic fantasies of knights in shining armour, I’m hurt that I will never forget you; the real you or the one I imagined you to be.
    But what hurts the absolute most is that you threw away 6 years of friendship like it was nothing. You didn’t fight for our friendship at all. I gave you every chance to carry on like it never happened and instead you broke me.
    Well it’s a new year and I wont stay broken. I hope one day, just for a minute, you remember me and miss our friendship.

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