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    …We just have to remind ourselves of what makes us different from the average person.

    Dear me,

    you’re different (in a good way) and here are the reasons why:

    1. When I laugh I literally look like I’m just smiling, if I made no sound than you wouldn’t know I was laughing.
    2. Speaking of my laugh its so loud and well…obnoxious that every time I laugh in public someone always turns to look at me. (sorry, not my fault)
    3. Typically, I’m a very positive person, it takes a lot for me to look at the negatives.
    4. I have an innate ability to get along with almost everyone.
    5. I am a people person to no end
    6. Often people tell me that I am funny, and it really is my favorite compliment
    7. Loyalty is one of my most dominating character qualities
    8. When someone is going through something challenging, I am there for them, no matter what.
    9. I am 20 and follow Jesus like its my job. Meaning, I don’t drink, smoke, party.
    10. But, I am still really social and have a lot of fun.
    11. I am non-judgmental, always.
    12. Even though I am only 20 I have gone through some pretty crazy things and I have seen the other side of life. It helps me relate to people.
    13. I have found my passion and I won’t EVER give it up.
    14. Resilient defines my life
    15. Usually I am not a people pleaser, but I do love people unconditionally.

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