• Permanent Smile.

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    That’s what I always get from you.

    From everything you do,
    Everything you say,
    Everything you make me feel,
    Leaves this permanent smile on my face.

    And I’m lucky knowing my smile makes you smile.
    Because while mine is alright, yours is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
    And sometimes, picturing that is what makes me seem like the weird-o girl, sitting in a room full of silent people, who seems to just see the floor and smile at it.
    They wonder:
    “What on Earth is she smiling about?”
    They don’t understand the beauty of what I have.
    Though some…
    Some will see it and they’ll know.
    Perhaps they, too, will smile from thinking of the person special to them.

    So not only do you bring my face to life,
    The contagion just might bring others to life.
    It’s all you.
    You’re amazing.
    You’re incredible.
    You’re imperfectly perfect.
    You make my body go weak from just a kiss,
    You make my face hurt from all the smiles,
    And you contaminate me, and probably others, with this undefined happiness that makes the world go’round.
    This is part of your purpose–my purpose.

    We all make the World smile.
    Sometimes for reasons we just don’t understand.

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