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    You are probably pretty high up on the list of people who annoy me to no end. You’re obnoxious and crazy and generally aggravating. And somehow that, combined with all the good things about you, makes you irresistible. We don’t even act like we’re just friends. We flirt (in our own way) by arguing, but

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    Dream, again

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    I dreamed of you again. I saw your smile, and the tan lines on your thighs from summer biking. You were postured in a chair against the brick of the patio in your back yard, fire in the pit, ablaze. And felt your hand in my own. I felt your lips on mine, and the

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    Permanent Smile.

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    That’s what I always get from you. From everything you do, Everything you say, Everything you make me feel, Leaves this permanent smile on my face. And I’m lucky knowing my smile makes you smile. Because while mine is alright, yours is the most beautiful I have ever seen. And sometimes, picturing that is what

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    Never stopped

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    We had drinks today. A year at least since I’d seen you last. I missed you, but I’d never say that. I’ve dreamed about you since we parted ways, but i’d never say that. My mind wandered to you even when I was with another girl, but I’d never admit that. You were the best

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    How do you know

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    When it’s time to move? I know it’s time, but it honestly just doesn’t feel right. I feel like when i’m letting you go its letting me go, I feel like if I cut you off i might be happy again. I need to give life a chance without you. I love you forever, if

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    …We just have to remind ourselves of what makes us different from the average person. Dear me, you’re different (in a good way) and here are the reasons why: 1. When I laugh I literally look like I’m just smiling, if I made no sound than you wouldn’t know I was laughing. 2. Speaking of

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