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    I don’t know how many more times I have to feel this way. You would think I’d be over you by now.. nope. Every time I think about you, or want you, I go to alcohol. I drink to try and get you off of my mind. I end up ‘drunk texting’ you and you don’t reply, and I end up looking like an idiot.

    I really miss you. There isn’t one night I don’t cry. I think about how you used to hold me in your arms when I was cold. You would help me when I was hurt. You would sit with me in the middle of no where and vent with me about my previous boy problems.

    When you first told me you liked me, I was shocked.. I didn’t know what to think because maybe I was in love with you too, or maybe I was scared I would loose my best friend.

    When you told me you liked me I took you for granite. I made you feel like shit and made you look stupid.. I tried to ignore the fact that you liked me because I couldn’t even picture in my head that my best friend could become more. I guess you could say I was scared.

    I always got to this point in relationships. When someone would start to like me back, I panic. Then I leave.

    I started to like you back. A lot. Then you cut me off. You stopped talking to me and you would talk crap on me.. I thought you liked me? I thought you wanted this? What changes it now?

    I went to a friends house tonight, and got drunk. I thought that would maybe hold back the tears.. It did for awhile, but now I’m hung-over. and still in love with you. Why can’t I just move on? Why cant this pain leave.

    I don’t want to give up on you. So please give me another shot. Please.. Everyone deserves one more chance.

    I like you a lot nick. At least lets try to be friends.

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