• Happily Never After

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    I remember the moment we both set eyes on each other for the first time. It felt as though we were paused in a world of our own. We were seconds from ignoring one another, as we ignored many others, but something held us together. You and I. We began to talk, awkwardly at first as strangers do but by the end I couldn’t have guessed it had been almost 4 hours. 4 hours that day and and every day after that…for 7 months. The countless messages we shared, staying up until the early hours of the morning sharing unforgettable moments. I fell in love with you. Your intelligence, your desire to succeed, your determination, your innocence, your playfulness, your kindness, your perfection.
    That night when I told you about how I felt. How much you meant to me. How much I cared for you. How much I needed you. How I loved you, more than I should. You accepted it, everything I said and you ended the night. You returned the love. You gave me one of the happiest moments in my life, when I was yours and you were mine.
    I remember the excitement, happiness, joy that I approached that next day with, unable to contain my self. Waiting for you. For your first action on our day as one. How was I to know that everything you were saying that night was a lie. A lie just so I would let you sleep. A lie just to shut me up. You lied about loving me. Why did you have to give me false hope? A false promise?
    That night ruined us. Why did I have to say anything to you? Why did I think you truly felt about me what I did for you? Why did I fell that when we first met it was fate that brought us two strangers together? Why did we seem so perfect to me? Why was I so consumed by you that I didn’t notice the falseness in your words?
    We started again as friends, we talked it out. Well, I talked and you…why didn’t you ever tell me how you truly felt?
    Our new start was going well, we weren’t the same as before. We could never be. But we were doing great for that month after. As friends. My heart would break every time I saw you but all I wanted was to not lose you. Not as a friend at least. It was hard but I was getting used to it. Then all of a sudden you stopped communicating with me. That hurt the most. No reason, no goodbye, nothing. Just disappeared like you appeared. Out of nowhere.
    It’s been 40 days since I’ve heard from you. An unbearable amount of time that I know will grow to months, years, decades… Countless moments each day I wish to share with you. Countless times I think about you. Countless times I think about the possibilities of you returning. Do you ever think about me? Ever have a thought too share with me? My wish every day is for you to come back. I miss you my dear. I will love you always.

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    1. Stranger
      December 28, 2012 at 2:13 pm

      I am going through the same. It was a game …very well played by him to get my body. I feel stupid, betrayed, used…..I told him that I am in love with him and he used it for his advantage. Not a word after that night…no signs of his presence. How can someone be so selfish? And why do we trust these idiots this easily? So many Why’s that I will never have answered.I thought he was my soulmate but he crushed my heart, body and soul. I hope I move on from this to a happy place… Wish the same for you my friend.



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