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    I went to a party. A party to celebrate that the world did not end. I went with your ex, my boyfriend. You dated him for 10 years, ending in August. I have been dating him for a year and a half.. ending in August as well. But only for a couple months.

    I hung out and interacted with his friends to find out that you had told them about me. Told them that I was 20, told them that I had an abortion in May. You knew this stuff because I FOUND OUT HE WAS CHEATING AND I TOLD YOU. Then you use these things against me and tell everyone my most intimate secret? Lucky for me, they don’t care. All that they care about is that he is happy – and he is. Some even commented that he is more happy with me than he has been in years.

    I used to feel guilty for being the one that took him back, after what he did to the both of us, after how badly he hurt me and hurt you as well. But now? The guilt is gone. I no longer feel guilty. I was spoken to at the party about how you are a nice person and would not do anything to hurt someone. Really? How well does this friend of yours know of you? I know that you were hurt. I got that. I was on your team for a long time.. but the underhand comments, the disrespect and the guilt you have thrown my way?

    I do not deserve it. I got together with him. I asked about another person in his life. He said no. Character flaw on his part. But I am in love with him. I left him for two months, figured out my shit. I even moved cities. I don’t believe that he is a bad person, but he did bad things. I forgive him for his lack of judgement but I don’t trust him with all of my heart like I once did.

    I hope you move on, find the love of your life, appreciate the money you are getting out of this place and walk forwards with it. I also hope that one day you wake up and the bitter taste in your mouth that you get from the mention of my name goes away. Because I. DIDN’T. DO. ANYTHING. WRONG.

    Looking forward to you being out of our lives,


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