• The “Betty”

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    I feel like The “Betty”

    I don’t want to be the “Betty”.
    People think that I’m confident in who I am,kind, and meek
    when they first meeting me, than they see my true colors.
    I don’t know why I’m like this.
    I guess I’m just trying to impress people.
    I’m very inconsistent.
    I don’t want to be this person, who tries to change for someone else, or to be socially accepted. I’ve tried that already and have failed.
    I’ve tried so hard to fit into so many types of molds,and I was either too, round, too big, to square to fit those molds.
    My mold doesn’t fit anyone’s but my own.
    Its lonely!
    although I tried to put a smile on the outside. on the inside, i know they wont even know my name in two years.
    Many of the people who have floated in my life, that I thought would have stayed.. haven’t.
    Many are married and have kids.
    I don’t want kids!!!
    My parents and many others have asked the question about marriage?
    and I have to laugh and tell them, there is no one.
    There’s never been anyone.
    And I’m ok with that!.. most of the time.
    My Mother on the other hand… Isn’t.
    I don’t want to be a “Betty.”
    But I know I am.
    I want this to change.
    I want to be consistent.
    I want that new-life, and a forgotten past.
    redemption, revival,re-dedication, redeclaration, rebirth
    I can keep feeling sorry for myself.
    Being sorry for myself, isn’t helping anyone.
    There is so much, sadness, and hurt in people’s hearts.
    So many “Bettys”
    So many Bettys!!!!!
    So many people, who feel as those, killing whatever thought of themselves, being who they were created to be, to be something that only exist, on a TV or the internet.
    We have been deceived.
    Don’t believe that lie, that you HAVE to be who THEY say you HAVE to BE.
    Because I’m
    I can’t
    I refuse!

    Welp, Here is kool video, about a “Betty” enjoye…if your still reading this, lolz

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