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    Our friendship was a one way friendship.Over the many years we’ve been best friends we’ve made SO many amazing memories and those i’ll always love. You’re not the same person you were when we were little and thats the person I became best friends with. The care free, goofy, ridiculous little sixth grader. I should have cut our friendship off years ago because what i’ve come to realize is that real friends don’t act like you did. The reason I forgave you so many times is that every once in a while, i’d see a hint of the girl id became friends with so long ago. When highschool hit, you had to be the life of the party and cared nothing more about being with the hottest guys and going to the best parties,and having the best clothes, and thats fine, because what highschool girl doesnt worry about that? But for you, it was a lifestyle and that’s ALL you cared about. You transformed into whoever you were hanging out with for that phase of your life, and most of the time it wasn’t someone desirable to be around. You picked me up and set me down so many times and still expected me to be there when your ‘latest best friend’ threw you out of the picture, like you had temporarily done to me. and, I always was. From middle school till now, you’ve transformed into someone I dont know.you can no longer see the littlest bit of that silly, middle school girl who only wore one brand of clothing that was too big for her. That girl, was someone wonderful, and genuine, and someone i’d be (and was) proud to call my best friend. Since then, i’ve learned that real friendships don’t have problems like that, they dont set you on the back burner for a guy when they havent seen you in months. This latest falling out we had, I thought i’d be upset by it like I was after all our other ones, but this time I felt relief rather than anything. Now, I didnt have to worry about ‘being your best friend’ still. All I had to worry about was being a better friend to my other true best friends and spending as much time as possible with them.
    I’m not saying I was the perfect best friend either, I wasn’t. But I do know that I always stayed true to who I was. I hope that you find happiness in everything you do and find a bestfriend that you’re more compatible with.

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    1. anonymous
      December 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm

      Why don’t you grow up. You are like one of those weird girls you is always the 3rd wheel. I can’t stand people like you.



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