• No longer C, I’m calling you Collin.

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    I don’t understand what the problem is. I don’t understand how you can shun me over something so silly. After years of friendship, years of me keeping your secrets, years of me being there. You’re willing to throw me away so fast, so thoughtlessly, so harshly.

    My head knows you used me all this time.
    My heart still wants my friend.
    My gut knows if you came back, you would keep hurting me.

    Truth is, I’ve always been more mature than you.
    Truth is, you weren’t ever really my friend. You weren’t there for me.
    Truth is, I want to “break up” too.
    Truth is, I couldn’t ever do it so fast, so thoughtlessly, so harshly.

    We have always been two different people. But I always thought that was the charm of our bond. Turns out it isn’t the charm, it’s the death of our bond.

    I’m going to miss you though. I can’t help but think we were better than THIS. I guess I’ve just been wrong all this time. All the times I defended you, I realize I just looked a fool.

    You’re a criminal.
    You’re cruel.
    You’re immature.
    You’re not my kind of friend.

    I’m not a criminal.
    I’m sweet.
    I’m mature.
    I’m the kind of friends I want and need.

    One day soon, you’re going to realize I was the best part of you. One day soon, you’re going to realize you can’t come back to our friendship. Because very soon, I’m going to be over you and everything you’ve done to me.

    I’m the best friend you will EVER have.

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