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    My Sister asks me what did Santa bring you.?
    I name off all the material items. I also mention how much of a blessing being with my family regardless of how jacked up we are. We do our best to just let our beefs just heal with time. Our words for some family members just make things worse. I had her busting up in laughter because she understands family beefs just as much as I do. I became quite for a bit. “Then I say Lisa you know what the best gift was.? She asks me What? With A evil grin. I look at her give a deep sigh and just smile. Lisa then says OK tell me now that look on your face has me wanting to know. I want that kinda feeling. Now I just giggle at what she said. I tell her well this year I was able to see Santa. We had cookies and milk. I was able to talk to him as if he was just a genuine man. I was able to see his real tender smile behind his gold rim glasses. He even chuckled. Not like that fake chuckles he does because he has to. I was able to see see his shy side as he blushed. Yes those rosy cheeks are real. Most of all I was able to hold him for just a few seconds. Yes hold him. I won’t call it a hug because this was different in my heart & eyes. I held him at first then squeeze him tenderly yet tightly because I was selfish and didn’t want to let go. I knew though I had too because there were others waiting to see him. I hate when this happens. Yet I learn I’m not the only one. This was the best Christmas I’ve had in years. Super Really! My Santa is priceless. Nothing on this Gods green earth can or will ever replace him!”
    She looks at me and says dammmmm girl! I want a Santa like this. Girl what is the name of this Santa? What’s his number/address? Ha his name well that’s forever confidential… Sorry it just MUST be this way Lisa. Yes we’ve share many secrets. Yet this one if God wants us to reveal each other to the world we will. Without any shame or regrets. Until then I enjoy Santa & he enjoys me every chance we get. Then I laugh at her and say he lives somewhere South. South and safe! He’s MY Secret Santa. You know Victoria Secrets isn’t the only one allowed to have a secrets! By now we are both laughing so hard the tears are rolling down our faces.
    Lisa that’s what made my Christmas this year. I know it sounds silly. Yet I never received such a Beautiful gift in my entire life. Funny thing Lisa Santa never knew that he was gifting just by being himself. Just by sharing himself for just those few moments. When he ask me what I wanted for Christmas all I did was smile and said nothing. He was a bit puzzled yet said ok just have a Merry Christmas.

    Dear Santa
    First off thank YOU for even being my Secret Santa. Also Please if you change with time please keep that tenderness you have. That tenderness that YOU and I only understand. Could you do me that favor? I hope to be able to see you all year a round.
    Forever Love

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    4 Responses to I want YOU to know

    1. anonymous
      December 27, 2012 at 3:02 pm

      If this is from my sister Lana, you know you are ‘truly’ evil, but some things never change.


    2. stranger
      December 27, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      What kind of weirdo letter is this? Some psycho-path with serious issues most likely….


    3. Anon
      December 28, 2012 at 9:40 am

      No, they are not a psycho-path. They sound more like a giggling, infatuated girl.


    4. Left out your Christmas present I see
      September 2, 2013 at 12:47 pm

      So terribly sad. A female Houdini crossed with a saloon girl.
      Fuck me running

      @ Anon. “No, they are not a psycho-path. They sound more like a giggling, infatuated girl.”

      Sorry, pal. Yes they were. A total emotional criminal. Hard core; heartless.

      This has been confirmed by now10 people; one a highly sought after and gifted ‘seer of souls’
      This Seer was dead on, as she was with the three beauties who preceded Lady Succubus

      I had already left them, but used the 3 ladies pictures to tested her ability/ skills. It was the only way to judge her (The Gifted Ones’) ability & accuracy..She described them perfectly, including events that occurred in their lives, even 20 years prior. I was astounded; floored.




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