• Library Time

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    Dammmmmm wishing I could just get in my car and go to the Library.
    Its my all time favorite places. My outside world sanctuary. I get to sit and loose myself without being afraid. Well a lie there. Yes being afraid to take chances. Yet having the courage to take them. As I hide behind the book I can look over the binding and be like a ,lol, creeper. You never know I am looking at you. I get to see the outline of your face. I get to see how your expressions on that beautiful face come about while the wheels in your head race a thousand miles a second. Yes second because your so dang smart. I feel really dumb sometimes know how smart your are. However its such a turn on to watch you think. It stirs emotions in me that I wonder if you feel what I feel as I am turned on by you. I am jealous. Jealous because so many others get to see you. I wonder if they see the Beautiful Librarian I look at. Do they see beyond the conservative looks. The conservative words. Do they see and feel the gentle heart strumming amongst the thousands of pages of written of past people sharing what moves them. Do they dare even try to get close to that Beautiful Librarian the way I have. Have the fallen in Love with that B.L. Someone ask me the other
    Day why. At first I angered then my Soul smiled because I knew they would not have asked that question if they were as in Love with that B.L. . I just said to them the reasons for falling in Love with the B.L. is only known by us. Then I panicked for a second thinking oh shit what if this person tries to find out why this in Love feeling is here. What if in trying to find out this in Love feeling is there they fall in Love with that B.L. too. Well I think that if by now others have not falling in Love with that B.L. chances are questionable. First of all one must share this electric feeling that those only two individuals can feel for each other and work from there. Build upon that. Slowly very slowly even at times at a snails paces. Making many mistakes. Mistakes one might ask? Well yes due to that fact that with each mistake each grow together. Together learning more and more about how things can work for each other as one. Individuals are brought together by the Universe for one reason or another. Then the Universe shakes both individuals in a way that impacts each one of them. Hopefully both are listening when being shaking up. Listening to all the things unsaid or unseen. As if saying wake up really look at this person. I have put them in your life for YOU. Now its up to YOU to keep this individual in your life. If I the UNIVERSE has have shown the bad, the trying time, the weakness you two share so wonderfully then what do YOU two think the better times, the strength when together would feel like? YOU two have fought for so long. Seeing~Looking at Love from the outside in. Its time to let go and let God and the Universe do there thing for YOU two. YOU two are very stubborn! When YOU to are together for some reason YOU each break that stubbornness . That’s good thing 🙂 .
    I pray I as a stubborn individual don’t ruin any chances with this B.L. . If only this B.L. read any of this would she run far away or would she receive everything that I pour out of my Soul for her in a Loving way.
    To be continued…

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