• Scared

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    Yeah, I’m scared but you don’t deserve me. You and I are absolutely headed in different directions. You no longer understand what it is that I need. You and I have tried to work things out, deliberately hurt each other and so on. I’m so scared that I’ll be all alone. That at some point I will come to this cross roads again where no one understands me but on the other hand that might not happen. All I can do is take the signs I’ve been given and run with them. I don’t like the company you keep. I don’t like your attitude, you’re a child most of the time. Even though you’ve been through a lot the past few years, so have I and I deserve to be happy. For all those years I was never a priority to you and look where that has gotten us. I forgive you and I don’t know what the future holds for me but right now you are not in the picture I’m trying to paint. I think you should do some soul searching and let go and let God. I hope we both find what we’ve always been searching so desperately for. I have faith in God that we will. You know I’ll always love you I’m just not sure that it’s going to be the kind of love you are asking me for. I need you to let me be so that I can more easily sever ties with you without feeling the guilt I constantly feel. I don’t own it, rather, it doesn’t own me.

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