• Merry Christmas You!

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    Ok yes it’s my 3rd letter, author of, ‘Soul’ and ‘Why?’ I honestly didn’t plan on typing anymore letters. Until this… Apparently I was doubting myself and this soul connection. I mean who wouldn’t right? I kept having for the last two weeks two names bugging me. In case of privacy issues I will not put them here. I thought nothing of it. Then I had a random thought that there was going to be a picture of you. Of course I thought nothing of that and how stupid a thought. I get on the Internet, my iPod goes off and I almost faint. The noise scared me too. Two unexpected things, my friend answered me. And there’s a picture of You and siblings. I have been close to fainting, but that was the scariest thing. And the two names in my head, well their the names of your siblings! I freaked out! So obviously we do have this connection. Anyhow you won’t read this. In case you do… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You really should smile more, not fake smiles either.

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