• Christmases Past

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    I’ve had many wonderful Christmases including this one, but I can’t help but miss what used to be.

    I miss my family, so much. I haven’t seen them in a year and a half. More than anything I would have loved to see them, as we all used to be, happy, united, . . . a family. I miss trying to wait up for Santa with my brother or wrapping presents with my mother. I miss decorating the tree and cookies for santa. I miss watching all my sister’s “My Little Pony” Christmas specials with her. I miss helping my dad set up the lights.

    I miss our family Christmas chain, where we each got to do a Christmas activity each night of December.

    I miss cutting up Christmas ads while making my list for santa.

    I miss the magic of Christmas. I miss the anticipation, excitement, and wonder.

    I miss my closest friends who made my Christmas Birthday evenings the very best.

    I miss my Aunt and her family who I grew up with all my life and who made the most ornate Birthday cakes for me every Christmas Day.

    I miss those who’ve impacted my life, but are gone for reasons I’ll never know, but accept. I love them all so much.

    I guess looking back on everything, Christmas was the few times a year I felt perfectly content, safe, and happy. I’ve loved every Christmas, every year of my life. I’m so blessed to have had such wonderful experiences and family. Although things may seem grim, they’ll always get better in the end and I know I’ll see my family some day soon.

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