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    It’s Christmas time. A time where we celebrate the birth of a little baby boy who came and saved us. He brought tidings of great joy for all the people. So why do I feel so hurt and angry? Is it because I’ve lost my passion for Jesus or is it the spite and malice in all of your words.

    You all treat Emily with such hatred! Yes she is immature and yes she could think before speaking, but you are all the same. You have this insane idea that rushing her into thinking by yelling and not giving her enough time to properly think because you keep yelling at her…yea how’s that working out for you? Then you QUIT on her! For your own selfish reason of being bored. She is a child! Of course she’s slow, and she’s had a bad history of a terrible mother raising her. You claim to know the proper way of raising someone but you don’t. Look at how Kasey turned out. Selfish brute. I knew how to raise Emily, but never had the authority. When you ask me what I think you should do in a situation and I tell you, you don’t listen. And she’s not getting any better.

    And the unfairness of gifts! I honestly didn’t need anything. So I asked for braces. If I receive nothing then I’ll be alright. But you ALL argue over who got more and how much something was worth. It’s a gift. You’ve survived this long without it, I think you’ll be alright.

    Don’t get me started on the arguing. All the time, back and forth, name-calling, huffy breaths, that stupid tone of voice, it’s aggravating! Just get over it! We have differing opinions; that is totally normal. But to use this opinion and judge others?! No. You all claim to be a christian right? Isn’t God the ultimate judge? Shouldn’t you, oh I don’t know, consult Him?

    I would rather be in the abusive home I was in previously than have to sit in this house and listen to the bicker and the tones. And you don’t even try to understand anyone’s point of view. I’m a loner, I enjoy solitude and quiet and cross-stitching alone and in peace. Barging in and claiming it’s Christmas and to join the family, please don’t. I realize the importance of this holiday, but I don’t care. Joining the family would be torture.

    Merry f*****g chrismas

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