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    I went shipping with my dad yesterday. It was OK. He did get a bit grouchy. I don’t like it when he yells at the other drivers. I should be used to it. I am not.
    We came home and my mom tidied up the kitchen. Dad started the cooking. When mom tried to help dad shouted at her to get out this was his kitchen. Seems like it’s his kitchen when it’s clean.
    Mom came and sat at the table with us and talked with us. I listened to her and my brothers. They started talking about Xmas arrangements. Times, who houses stuff like that. My brothers are married so we needed to know how to prepare. Then the loudness began. We all talk loud. Then I wanted to just get up and leave. Then I remembered something. All I did was sat there listened and smiled. I remembered the face of the librarian. I had gone to the library the day before. I remember her helping find the things I needed. She then sat across from me helping sort out what books to read first. She caught me staring at her. She didn’t look away. As we gazed into each others eyes she smiled. I thought I seen an Angel. I was in Heaven. The image was all could think of in this Holiday chaos.
    All i want for Christmas is simpleness. I just want to enjoy watching my younger brothers open their gifts. Also celebrate the Birth of Christ. The new beginning’s that we are given.
    To that LIBRARIAN out there thanking you for making my Merry Christmas.

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