• Pain and Suffering

    by  • December 24, 2012 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    You have no idea what you just did. You tore me apart piece by piece. I was trying so hard. You obviously did not understand how hard it was to even open up a little bit. You know everything I’ve been through and yet you pushed and pushed. Constantly telling me to tell you something and tell you more. Suffocated me and yet I stayed. I didn’t leave because I wanted you. I love you. You don’t give up on that but you don’t suffocate either. Then what? You call me shady because I’m home for the holidays? Because all I hang out with here are girls and when I’m home you KNOW what I’m doing. If I’m not with you I’m at home or with the SAME people. WHEN DO I HAVE ROOM TO CHEAT?! I don’t! How DARE you accuse me of that! “Pretend I never existed”. HOW?! I fell in love after a divorce! I told myself I would NEVER love anyone again. WHY? For this exact reason. Don’t LIE and tell me you trust me if you never did. I’m shady? YOU’RE A FUCKING LIAR. That’s what you are. Call me shady all you want, say I’m a cheater. I’ve got every single person I’m ALWAYS with that you know to prove that’s not true at all. That you’re all I talk about or think about. At least I’m not a dirty. Fucking. Rotten. Liar.

    I hope you find happiness.

    Even though you did all of this to me, I still love you and that sickens me.


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