• I’m still in love with you after all these years

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    I just need to say it this. I keep this inside every day of my life. I feel guilty every day of my life for feeling this way. We broke up 12 years ago. We were so young, and in love. We weren’t good for each other at the time, but I hoped we would come back together. Then we met other people and got married to them. I have two kids, and you have one and another on the way. I’m still in love with you. I dream about being with you. I can’t imagine going the rest of my life not ever feeling your lips on mine, or your arms around me or your hands on my body. I know we might not have made the best couple but I know that we were meant to be together. You know it and I know it. I love you so much that my heart breaks every day that I am not with you. We were meant to be together-soul mates. I hope we find our way back to each other one day. If you said the word I would be with you in an instant. I know it sounds crazy- because it is. There are no words, no rational explanations for this. All I want is to know that you feel the same way.
    Please come back to me…

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    1. Anonymous
      December 25, 2012 at 7:27 am

      That’s so sweet :’)



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