• I miss you.

    by  • December 24, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I’ve tried to tell you so many times how much I miss you, but nothing I say gets through to you. It kills me that you’re not apart of my life anymore, or more that I’m not part of yours. We were awful to each other. We should have never been together. We fought all the time over things that didn’t even matter. But then it was a million times better once we made up. Everyone thought we were crazy; none of them believed what we had was real. But there were so many little things that no one else saw. Sophomore year, you texted me that you loved me every single night for six months, just because I told you how special it made me feel when someone texted me before they went to bed, because it meant i was the last thing that person thought about. We weren’t even together then, but you still cared about me so much. No one has ever cared that much. You’re the only guy that’s ever given me a valentine. The only guy that’s ever given me a rose. The only guy that ever told me he loved me. But I’m so mad at you. Out of nowhere, you completely shut me out. You didn’t even give me a reason. That’s not fair to me. That’s not fair that for over a year, I’ve been crying about you, trying so hard to make myself happy. I’ve been with other guys, but part of me knows those relationships will never work out because I still love you. God, I’m so in love with you all the time. I think about it every single day, every single minute, I constantly love you. Sometimes I can’t think about anything else, and everything is terrible because you won’t let me move on. I tried so hard not to love you, but you shut me out and that’s not helping. I need answers. I deserve answers. I deserve to be happy, and you deserve to know that I don’t think I’ll ever be over you.

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