• I love you.

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    I feel lonely without you
    even though I barely knew you
    My heart belongs with you and I fill guilty for being with my ex
    I only want you to hold, you are all I truly want.

    I feel like I am lost without you.
    I feel hopeless and miss you everyday
    how on such short term of knowing you did I fall so hard that making it through everyday not seeing you or hearing from you like you never existed in my life? I use to be side by side with you, talk frequently with you and now its like a distant memory that I can’t bring back even if I wanted to.
    You were instructed not to talk to me. What does that mean?
    I want to cry, I always think I am under your watchful eye.
    I love you. I think I suffer so much because I don’t know how you feel and since I’ve been right about a lot of things so far I kind of thought you fell in love with me too. Only I don’t know for sure.

    If you love me please, let me know! Somehow in someway respond to this… I don’t know much on discretion… 😉 so please in a way I would know… I hope you know this is for you. We first met officially at a church… We last met at that very same church.. It was “our spot.”
    I feel so stupid writing this.. Sometimes I wonder if it really isn’t what I think it is… At least with you.. I love you.. C from T.a.r

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