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    I just wanted to let you know I really like you.
    I’m just too scared to tell you.
    I know, that’s a little embarrassing.
    We’ve been together before, and I know we’re still friends.
    But I’m scared if I tell you how I feel, you’ll go back to her.
    I don’t think I could handle that.
    You deserve so much more than her.
    And I’m not saying that I’m any better than her, just different.
    I don’t want to parade you around like an object just because you’re the quarterback of the football team.
    I don’t want to treat you like my property and control your every movement.
    I don’t want you just because you’re popular, smart, handsome, funny, kind.
    I want you because you’re special.
    And you make me feel special.
    You play with my hair without me having to ask.
    You stand up for me whenever she talks about me.
    You kiss me when I’m arguing with you.
    You’re not afraid to tell me when I’m being unreasonable.
    Whenever I tell you I’m too busy to text, you accept that, but when I change my mind and decide to make time to talk to you, you always respond in seconds.
    So I want to go back to how we were.
    I know that can’t happen unless I put myself out there, but I’m so scared.
    So for now, this will have to do.

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