• Conscience over emotions

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    I’ve never been much of a relationship person, Never had a relationship last more than three months. I have no problem kissing guys or hooking up with guys. Sometimes for the thrill of it or sometimes because I’m tried of being lonely so I find a guy to be with even if its just for a couple of hours. I get attached too easily sometimes, I expect too much from a guy that I’m not even serious with. Its like I’m waiting for my prince charming come find me, but as many frogs as I kiss he never appears. I wish I could find someone that will love me , and I can love back with out the fear of getting hurt. A man who’s first thought won’t be about how to get me to bed but how to get me to smile. Maybe I should quit, and not talk to guys anymore in that form, I need to not get my hopes up . of all the guys I’ve ever liked there’s only one that my heart and mind will always go back to. I always saw him as a friend but the truth is my mind always goes back to him, but I would never date him because I know he’ll break my heart. I haven’t’ experienced true love yet because I fear too. My conscience will always be in control even if my heart burst and hurts . I can’t let emotions overpower me.

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      How old are you?… 22? Merry Christmas!



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