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    I wake up this am so alive. I know threw out the night you try and wake me. I in my sleep tell you no I like it here. Here in my dreams. In my dreams I can touch you all I want. I need not worry about anyone passing judgement for the feelings I have for you. In my dreams you don’t worry about a thing either. We loose each other into each other. With not one reservation. Then once again you keep trying to wake me from afar.

    I wake up this morning with a feeling of worry. I don’t know at first where it is coming from. I know its not me. When I worry I’m awake for hours on end. Then as I pray I understand where this worry comes from.

    Please when it comes to me never worry. What we experienced the other night in my eyes was truly beautiful. Yes we did exchange some confusing words. However the rest was perfect. You might be thinking no way I was left hanging. Well no you weren’t. We both were just at different places. Believe me you were never in a dark place. You shined beautifully every step of the way. Well except during our tiff. I won’t lie. You already know how I feel about when two people come together as one. I will leave that thought at that. Tom if you say that was dark side of you your bright side must be blissful. We will have our time. Let’s not rush it. Yes we’ve know each other for over a decade yet for only a few months if you know what I mean. We are no accident by no means.


    One more thought you will never know

    You look so dammm sexy when I first saw you standing there in your uniform. Your sexiness IS driving me wildly CRAZY. I like this kinda CRAZY. Text book crazy well let’s throw that kind out the window. Make it a content day. Don’t worry so much. Just trust me like I finally trust you!


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