• Wishful thinking leads to reality.

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    I have posted countless letters on here about how I would do anything to have you back into my life.
    You’ve been making attempts to come back…so why do I feel so bad?
    Over everything that we’ve been through over the past 3 years I never thought that we would make it to here and now where you would text me just to ask how I was doing. It’s just so weird and unfamiliar. But with the unfamiliarity of you talking to me again, it just brings me down a very familiar road. One that i’m not sure I want to ever go down again. I can’t just not talk to you because I spent all of 2010 in love with you, and those are feelings that are embedded into my brain. Why would you just out of the blue text me to ask how I was doing? And then proceed to tell me that you’re so happy that we’re talking and just act like everything is okay. Everything isnt okay. You made my life a living hell, and now we’re just trying to move past everything that we’ve been through?

    How do you finally move on from something that made such an impact in your life, and then have them come back to just chat? I don’t know where this is going or how to feel about it. Time will only tell.

    I’m happy that we’re talking, but this isnt what I want. I always thought that this is what I wanted, but now that it’s finally happening i’m not sure of anything at all. I guess wishful thinking has lead to this reality.

    I’m over you.


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