• What we were

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    We were happy together.
    We were in love.
    We were perfect for each other.

    But that is the beauty of it, we “were”.
    We are no more.

    You are doing your thing, and I am doing mine.
    Seldom did I think about you abroad, flirting with whichever guy you wanted.
    Seldom did I care.

    I saw your picture today, you were in one with one of my friends.
    I noticed you gained some weight, and I couldn’t help but think what one of my friends would have said, “you dodged a flabby bullet”.

    I am glad that if I see you in public now, I will smile and have no intention of getting back with you.

    To anyone trying to move on, trust me; it too me 18 months to get to this stage, but I can finally say these words.

    For the longest time I used to think I didn’t deserve getting back with you. I had broken your trust and I wasn’t good enough for you.

    But, hearing everything my friends had said about you. How you changed. How you became everything you criticized. How the girl that judged others for “getting wasted” or “partying” and “hooking up” with people; became that same thing. Now after all these facts, I have learned one thing.

    It is not me darling who doesn’t deserve you. It is in fact, the other way around.
    YOU don’t deserve me.
    You are no longer good enough for me.

    I know that if I ever see you in public and you ask me if I’m okay, I’ll tell you this.
    “Yes, I am perfectly fine. You are you and I am I. I am not here to live to your expectations and neither are you to live to mine. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t good enough to be with you again; but I failed to see, it was the other way around. Don’t worry about me, go have fun the way you want to have fun and worry not about how it will make me feel or how it will change my image of you. If I’m never not fine, I’ll make sure to leave the party without you noticing”.

    The lovely thing is, I can finally leave with these words:

    Thank you for teaching me what it was like to be in love, so the next time I fall for someone, I know exactly what it feels. Thanks for being my first, and I’m glad I was you first. You’ll always have a small place in my heart; but I have to start living my life now.

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