• to him…

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    maybe by some chance you’ll stumble across this letter and realize its for you from me.

    i just can’t wait anymore until you move back home this summer… i’m really looking forward to having you around to hang out with and hopefully get the chance to get close again. that one particular weekend will always stand out in my mind as one of my favorite times in life… i just felt so care free and comfortable… i never expected anyone could really make me feel that way. it’s been a long year and to think i still have to wait about 6 more months until you’re back here for good sucks. don’t get me wrong… i’m not sitting around dwelling on this all the time… i have my own life too, but there have been plenty of times where i’ve been reminded of you in one way or another and i can’t help but wish you were just a short drive away.

    i’ve been trying to give you the space that i think you need… that’s the truth behind why i haven’t called or texted much for a quite a while now. i wan’t you to just enjoy the time you have out there and not feel like you need to make an effort to keep in touch with me when you’re busy doing your own thing.

    well, if you happen to realize its me, call me or text me even if just to say hello.
    hope to hear from you soon…


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