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    All I can say is I am sincerely SORRY!!!! Please understand I wanted one thing for Christmas . That was to see you. If only for the day. I was selfish to just want to see you.
    You have every right to call me a bitch an ass hole at that. I just thought that after last nights anger that you had totally given up. Yes I was very sad yet accepted it. So please understand I went to your apartment just to see a smile on your face. I like to see you smile. Yes I didn’t understand why you were saying what you were saying. I was confused yet kept talking with you about that conversation. I didn’t understand why it was where it was. I was really confused really. Well as I walked back to my apartment and remembered I left my beige gloves on your kitchen counter. That’s when I even called myself an ass hole a bitch at that. I really didn’t think anything of it really. I had NO clue. I am so so sorry. Please forgive me. Stef also know as you understand me by now its not going to be a crash course kinda thing you in my eyes are worth more than that! It will be something that to me requires tender time. We both just had our thoughts in different places. I understand now where you were coming from. I so want to call you and tell you. I just know though you are going to your mom’s and I don’t need to interrupt your dinner with her.
    Once again can you somehow forgive me for being oblivious to my surroundings.
    I’M SORRY!
    Will you please pick up my beige gloves and hold them for me?
    I Love you

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