• To you again Mr C

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    So I’m outside I am reminded of you.
    I am reading this book and it reminds me of you.
    Am I just plain crazy because I love you?
    What is it that takes my thoughts and shifts them in your direction?

    I want to be beautiful enough for you
    am I not good enough?
    Why did this have to happen to me during such a tough time
    I know you didnt judge me and for that I fell more in love.

    You looked beyond what was going on and saw the true me.
    Well that’s what I’d like to think.
    I see your face in just about everything my eyes lay themselves before.
    Is that crazy talk or does that seem about right?

    Is this a love we both feel but so wrong it hurts to think how wrong it is?
    Am I right when I say that you loved me too?
    How or why I fell in love is a mystery to me
    love doesn’t need to make sense when you just feel it.

    Everyday I think of you and everyday seems like forever away from when I last saw you.
    Even as far as time has stretch out I kind still (somewhat) remember your face.
    Its hard to get you off my mind when everything reminds me of you..
    What is a young girl to do when she’s hopelessly in love.

    Is it wrong to love you? To love me?
    Is it never going to be?
    How can love come and be given so freely but have such a cost of losing it or not receiving it back.

    How can something meant to be beautiful end up so ugly.
    Why should it be forbidden when it seems like the right way to go.
    You. What is it about you that makes this love so hard to mend the broken heart?
    Will you ever rescue me from my tower.. ? Or will you be the ending that has no fairytale, no prince to sweep me off my feet. You’re a protector and a rescuer in your line of work so why not rescue me if you feel the same?
    Why not love if you love me. Why hold back if you’re never the one to stand still?
    Why can’t love be fair and not cruel.
    Especially when its true love?

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