• The End

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    You: Anyways,anytime to go out in the city someday. -8th Dec 2012, 8.38pm

    Me: Instead why don’t you suggest the time -8th Dec 2012, 9.04pm
    You: When i ask yu to do something yu better do it.:) -8th Dec 2012, 9.05pm

    Me: Meet me on Thursday. -18th Dec 2012, 7.22pm

    You: Yu know,yu have stopped impressing me these days.yu never did but i thought yu would learn something from me over the time.but yu were always a fake and yu will always be a fake.ha ha ha, the only thing yu want is to get me to a date and that repel me.ha ha ha -19th Dec 2012, 1.16am

    I don’t know when I’ll send this to you, but I’m writing this now, on 21st December, while the anger and the humiliation is still fresh. I don’t want to forget. Calling me fake a hundred times doesn’t make me so. Anyway, anything you have ever told me will die with me, so you don’t have to worry about me talking about anything you said.
    I wish I had the strength to wish you well, but I don’t.

    I will destroy you. If sacrificing my own happiness is the price I have to pay to cause you pain, so be it.

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