• Almost Complete Happiness . . .

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    You’re so nice it’s refreshing. I haven’t met many nice men in my lifetime and you’re one of the very few. You make me laugh and smile, which happens rarely to me these days. I trust you, which is entirely unheard of for me. I’ve barely known you for three months, and I trust you. You’re really amazing, you know that? That smile is infectious and you really are radiant. If you were to ask me to spend time with you, I’d drop everything in a heart beat and comply most happily. I love listening to your playlists. I love listening to you sing along to every song, always in the best mood. Just being near you makes me smile. I can’t thank you enough for the ride home. Just riding in your car with you for five hours made my entire fall semester. I love arguing with you on our different tastes and conversing with you on similar ones. You’re amazing. You really are.

    I wish I was the girl who deserved you. I wish I was beautiful enough to catch your eye. I wish I was everything you’d ever want. I wish you’d spend everyday trying to ask me on a date. I wish we were the couple who made each other endlessly happy even on terribly long car rides. I wish you’d be the one to catch me when I fall; to help me when I’m most alone and afraid. I wish I was the kind of girl who has her entire life together and who’s flawlessly perfect, just for you. I wish for so many things, but mostly, more than anything, to have a guy as nice, kind, funny, and wonderful as you for the center in my life. You’re too wonderful for me. You’ll end up with a beautiful, intelligent girl, who makes you deliriously happy, and she’ll spend her days enjoying your smile and humor. And I’m okay with that, because you deserve the best, and I’m deserved what’s left. I’m just happy life gave me what little opportunity to enjoy your laugh, your smile, and your presence.

    So thank you, for everything.

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